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  • Thomas Sobotor


Drop sets involve performing an exercise for a number of reps

and after completion, dropping (reducing) the weight. With the

reduced weight, you continue until you reach failure. Failure, for

this block, would mean you are unable to complete an additional

rep with the proper form.

Drop sets are relatively straightforward but are also extremely

effective. This block is based off a total of 5 sets.

Example drop set routine:

3 work sets to find 6 rep max

Final work set (Set 3): heaviest weight that allows you to

perform 6 reps with good form

Set 4 is the first drop set: for drop set # 1 reduce weight by

10% and perform this set to failure (aim for 8-10 reps)

Set 5 is the second drop set : reduce weight further by 10%

and perform another set to failure (aim for 10-12 reps)

Drop sets are a great way to maximize muscle fatigue and

stimulate hypertrophy. They extend the intensity of a set beyond

what would typically be able to be performed with a single

weight, pushing muscles to their limits and promoting more


In addition, drop sets also target both slow-twitch and fast-twitch

muscle fibers. As fatigue sets in, the body recruits additional

muscle fibers to maintain the exercise, thereby engaging the

entire muscle group being targeted for that exercise. This

contributes not only to muscle growth but also enhances

muscular endurance over time~which is our overall theme for

2024, YOTD!


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