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In 2016 we opened our doors with the dream of creating a gym that focused on group strength and fitness. We wanted to design a program to give everyone access to individualized group training classes, focused on camaraderie, with a high-energy training style, that would get results.

A program that was different from everything else out there, something that didn’t exist—so we created it.

Welcome to Sobotor Training Systems!

Tom and Sarah Sobotor are the Co-Founders of Sobotor Training Systems.
A Precision Nutrition certified coach offering expert guidance with a focus on health and wellness
The most comprehensive vetting process for trainers and strength coaches in the industry.




For over 20 years, Tom has worked with clients/athletes of all ages and abilities to help them improve their overall strength, fitness, speed, power, mobility, agility, and sport-specific endurance.



  • CPPS Certified, Level II - Advanced Athletic Preparation Specialist

  • CPPS Certified, Level I - General Physical Preparation Specialist

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 - Nutrition Coach

  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Health - William Paterson University, NJ

From the moment you walk through the door, you’ll get plenty of TOM time. Tom takes pride in directly coaching every member, and the dynamic program he has personally designed is guaranteed to take you to the next level.




Sarah's role at STS ensures that your gym experience exceeds your expectations, every single visit. Her focus on creating a gym environment that is supportive, engaging, and a community in which one feels instantly a part is where she does her best work. STS members not only support one another, but also the community in which we live. From food drives to charitable donations to team-based workouts, Sarah's attention to detail and willingness to always give 110% helps separate STS from other gyms. When Sarah is not at STS she is a full time reading specialist and math teacher in the Warwick Valley Central School District. 

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