We are a group who represents STRENGTH IN NUMBERS.  We work hard and provide the support, accountability, and the motivation to live out each day STRONGER than the day before. 


We believe that true strength transfers into all aspects of your life — from how you function at work, to your relationships with others, to the way you feel when you go to bed at night. We also believe that everyone’s strengths are different. At STS your individualized approach, in a group setting will help you reach your greatest potential, both physically and mentally.


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Owner / Head of Training


For almost 18 years, Tom has worked with clients/athletes of all ages, to help them improve their overall fitness, strength, speed, power, mobility, agility and sport-specific endurance.



-CPPS Certified, Level II - Advanced Athletic Preparation Specialist

-CPPS Certified, Level I - General Physical Preparation Specialist

-Precision Nutrition Level 1 - Nutrition Coach

-Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Health -

William Paterson University, NJ


-Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications -

Susquehanna University, PA



From the moment you walk through the door, you’ll get plenty of TOM time. Tom takes pride in directly coaching every member, and the dynamic program he has personally designed is guaranteed to take you to the next level.