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  • Thomas Sobotor


The concept of pyramid training utilizes one of the most basic and

effective rep schemes in resistance training. Its design is based on the

construction of the world-famous pyramids in Egypt. The structure of

these pyramids will be the “building blocks” of our next four weeks.

Within pyramid training, there are three basic set and rep schemes.

Ascending Pyramid is the most widely used. The weight increases

while repetitions decrease between sets. With the Descending

Pyramid scheme, weight decreases as repetitions increase between

sets. The Full Pyramid includes both ascending and descending

pyramids in one rep scheme.

With this block, the Full Pyramid scheme will implemented for during

our Strength & Performance classes on Monday, Wednesday, and

Friday. The Full Pyramid will test our overall conditioning. Remember,

overall conditioning is our theme for 2024~The Year of the Dragon!

The Full Pyramid will consist of six total work sets. The first phase of

the rep scheme will be the ascending portion. The reps for the this

portion will start at the higher range with 8 reps and work to the lower

rep range with 4 reps. The load will increase with each set until we

reach the apex set (capstone) of the pyramid. This takes place during

the 2nd set of 4 reps.

After reaching the apex/capstone of the pyramid, the descending

portion of the routine will now be completed for two additional work

sets of 6 and 8 reps. With this portion of the rep scheme, the goal is to

match the weight used during the ascent.

Building It Up and Breaking It Down:

Set 1 = 8 reps

Set 2 = 6 reps slightly heavier than Set 1

Set 3 = 4 reps heavier than Set 2

Set 4 = 4 reps heavier than Set 3 (Apex)

Set 5 = 6 reps lighter than Set 4

Set 6 = 8 reps lighter than Set 5


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